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About Our Project 

Public input into land management is important. We reached out to hear from those using the Warm Springs Ponds to learn how the public is using the Warm Springs Ponds, what the public thinks of the Warm Springs Ponds, and what the public wants for the future of the ponds.


We are students at the University of Montana Western and the goal of our research project is to better understand how the public uses and views the Warm Springs Ponds so we can integrate this information into management decisions. We are working with ARCO, U.S. EPA, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and Montana Natural Resource Damage Program to ensure your voice is heard. 

Our public survey was part of a research project titled, Promoting Community Resilience Through Understanding: Social Perceptions of Water Quality and Contamination in the Upper Clark Fork River Watershed. Faculty and students at the University of Montana Western in Dillon, MT are conducting this research, which is funded by Montana National Science Foundation (NSF) Consortium for Research on Environmental Water Systems (CREWS).

To see the public survey results click here: Warm Springs Ponds Survey Results  

Photo Credit: The Montana Standard

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